Location:    James River (Amherst/Bedford County), Virginia

Dam Size:   15ft High x 875ft Long

Reservoir:    316 Acres

Installed Capacity:    4.5 Megawatts

Annual Energy:    20,700 Megawatt Hours

Licensing:   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

The Scott's Mill Hydro Project proposes to construct a new powerhouse containing four generating units with a total installed capacity of 4.5 MW, a new 1,200 foot-long underground transmission line, and appurtenant facilities with nine generating units. Scott’s Mill Hydro will have an estimated annual generation of 20,700 megawatt-hours, and will be used by U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company, LLC or sold to a local utility.

The Scott's Mill Hydroelectric Project would be located at the existing Scott's Mill Dam on the James River, downstream of the Reusens hydroelectric dam (Located 147 river miles upstream from the Chesapeake Bay). The existing Scott’s Mill Dam facilities include the: 1) dam, 2) reservoir, and 3) spillway. The dam is 15 feet high and 875 feet long. Additionally, the dam impounds a 316- acre reservoir, with a normal maximum water surface elevation of 516 feet MSL. 

Scott's Mill Hydro Facts

Scott's Mill Hydropower Project


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