Scott's Mill Hydropower Project




      This section contains a schedule for upcoming              events and meetings relevant to the Scott's Mill Hydropower Project.

Table 1.2-1 – Scott’s Mill Proposed Process Plan and Schedule

18 CFR

§5.8 §4.38(b)(3)(i) §4.38

§4.38 §4.38(c) §4.38(c) §4.38(c) §4.38(c) §4.38(d) §4.32(b) §4.32(b) §4.32(d) §4.34(b) §4.34(b) §4.34(b) §380 §380


Applicant Applicant FERC
FERC Applicant Applicant Participants Applicant Applicant Participants All
Applicant FERC Participants FERC
FERC Agencies App./Particip. FERC




File NOI
File PAD
Tribal Consultation
FERC Decision on Use of TLP
Meeting Notice and Agenda
Joint (Scoping) Meeting & Site Visit Comments on PAD and Studies
Conduct Studies
Draft License Application (DA) Comments on DA
DA Meeting
File License Application
FERC Tendering Notice (of App.) Requests for Studies (60 d after Not.)TBD

Notice of Acceptance
FERC Ready for Env. Analysis Preliminary Terms and Conditions Reply Comments
FERC Draft EA or EIS
Comments on FERC NEPA Doc

60 d after REA 105 d after REA TBD
45 d after EA/EIS

Applicant has conducted filed studies and included the results in the draft license application distributed to participants and filed with the Commission.

1.3 Communications and Document Distribution

The Communications Protocol (Protocol) is intended to facilitate communications and cooperation among Applicant, federal and state agencies, Indian tribes, and other interested organizations and parties. This Protocol is structured to complement the requirements of the TLP for the pre-application consultation period. Applicant anticipates that the Protocol will allow meaningful input by participants without undue


January 11, 2018 January 11, 2018 Waiver Requested TBD

Waiver Requested Waiver Requested Waiver Requested 2016, 2017 December 8, 2017 March 8, 2018
<60 d after comments TBD