Scott's Mill Hydropower Project


FERC No. P-14867

"For this project, the Service has determined that the charges will not be required due to the natural resource and energy benefits that will be provided by this project. This project will promote natural resources, advance hydroelectric development science, and encourage other hydroelectric operators upstream in the river to provide safe, timely and effective fish passage. The Scott’s Mill representatives have developed a partnership with the natural resource agencies, and under these unique circumstances the Service will not require any compensation from this project. We believe this project to be in the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the general public."

Scott's Mill Hydro Exemption Application and response to FERC's October 28, 2020 deficiency letter: See "Consultation Record".

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Comments on Scott's Mill Dam Hydropower Project

Scott's Mill Hydro Facts

Scott's Mill Hydro is a proposed project along the James River. This Project would provide clean reliable power for the surrounding area.

Location:    James River (Amherst/Bedford County), Virginia

Dam Size:   15ft High x 875ft Long

Reservoir:    316 Acres

Installed Capacity:   4.5 Megawatts

Annual Energy:    20,700 Megawatt Hours

Licensing:   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)