Reservoir: 316 Acres

Length: 875 feet 

Height: 15 feet


20,700 MWh (estimated annual average)

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James River

Lynchburg, VA (Amherst/ Bedford Counties) 

Did you know that hydropower provides over ¾ of the world’s renewable energy?  Hydro truly carries the water for the global renewables fleet.  Modern techniques are environmentally benign and friendly to aquatic life.  Offering a much higher capacity factor than solar or wind, hydropower punches above its weight, and with a small footprint can develop large amounts of clean energy.  Additionally, hydropower projects often have long service lives with many projects exceeding 50 years of reliable use. 

Current energy consumption in Virginia is 2.5x greater than energy production.  Local generation strengthens the regional power grid's ability to meet instantaneous demand with dispatchable power, and as such augments grid stability.​​

​​The Scott's Mill Hydropower project on the James River would provide a clean source of renewable and reliable power for the surrounding area.


Scott's Mill Hydro LLC proposes to construct a new hybrid dam/powerhouse containing nine generating units with a total installed capacity of 4.5 MW, a new 1,200 foot underground transmission line, and appurtenant facilities. The plant will produce approximately 20,700 MWh of electricity per year.

The project is located at the existing Scott's Mill Dam on the James River, three miles downstream of the Reusens Reservoir hydroelectric facility.  The project is located 147 river miles upstream from the Chesapeake Bay. The Scott's Mill dam -- presently non-powered -- is 15 feet high and 875 feet long.  Height will be increased to 17 feet. The dam impounds a 316-acre reservoir, with a normal maximum water surface elevation of 516 feet MSL. 

The design for the project contemplates ample passage for migrating fish both upstream and downstream.

"This project will promote natural resources, advance hydroelectric development science, and encourage other hydroelectric operators upstream in the river to provide safe, timely and effective fish passage. The Scott’s Mill representatives have developed a partnership with the natural resource agencies, and under these unique circumstances the Service will not require any compensation from this project. We believe this project to be in the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the general public."

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Comments on Scott's Mill Dam Hydropower Project

​Renewable and Emission-free Energy  





FERC No. P-14867

​Recent News

Scott's Mill Hydro plans to utilize the Littoral Power Systems, Inc. h-Modulor™  prefabricated hydropower plant system

​​​Project Overview​

Scott's Mill Hydro LLC's Exemption Application and related materials for the project can be found here.


​4.5 MW